Retime provides customers with full marketplace management services that deliver the best results. We tailor our services to suit the needs of our customers and are responsible for day-to-day marketplace management measures.


Search engine optimization

Amazon strives to provide the best search results and experience for its customers. Customers use Amazon’s search feature to look for products by using specific search terms. The better the search terms match with your product page content, the better your product will be found. Therefore, product listings need to be relevant for product searches and optimized for SEO.

There are several factors that Amazon’s algorithms consider while determining product rankings. The text content should include engaging titles, keyword-rich bullet points, right keywords and clear descriptions in order to appear on the top results when visitors search terms. We at Retime take care that your product listings are fully optimized and are easy to find on Amazon.

A slow sales velocity and low stock impact negatively product ranking.

Also, the price needs to be appropriate in relation to the presented product listing contents. Besides these aspects, there are other factors that affect organic rankings indirectly, such as customer reviews, images, A+ content etc. Let us make sure that everything is up and running and there are no obstacles along your sales journey.

Product listings

You probably already have product descriptions for your catalogue. However, product description in Amazon needs to be optimized in the right way. We have the knowledge and tools that will help to search and filter the right phrases used for your specific products, which we can use to optimize the text accordingly. We provide the service in most marketplace languages.

Adding new products to Amazon requires a lot of information.

Retime will assist in determining the minimum requirements for your product catalogue based on your product categories, and of course the requirements for the best possible product page. Our experts make the most out of product listings and optimize them to rank higher in the search results.

Retime helps you to leverage the largest eCommerce search engine, through our product listing optimization services.

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