The Amazon Brand Registry was opened in May 2017. It is necessary for brand owners to secure their brand on Amazon marketplaces. All platforms do not have the same service and the ability to secure company name, products, and even pricing as desired.

What does Amazon Brand registration mean?

Firstly, it means that after you have successfully registered your brand you are able to contact Amazon brand registry team and report any abuse of your brand. Notification can not be made if your brand is not registered in the Brand Registry. A registered brand has identity protection rights and actions against impersonators are possible.

Secondly, another significant advantage for companies that sell in Amazon or intend to sell there in the near future is that registered brands can build Brand Store pages and A+ content.

Unregistered brand does not have access to these extensive content opportunities.

We have been helping companies over the past years to succeed in various Amazon marketplaces. Therefore we have paid attention to the IPR rights of our customers and how open global marketplaces are from the point of view of the Nordic brands.

Intellectual Property Rights

in the international marketplace

Amazon allows any seller to sell whichever brands they desire. The platform is built for consumers, and the philosophy is that consumers should be able to choose from whom to purchase and for what price.

When there are several sellers for one brand, the content can vary significantly and is often not optimized, informative enough, or consumer-friendly. By registering your brand to Brand Registry you take ownership of the branded content and have better control of possible misuse.

The brand must be registered on the EU-IPO level in Europe and on the US-PTO in the US.
Brand Registry grants you access to powerful search tools that enable you to find content from Amazon using keywords, ASINs, and images. Automated protection features proactively remove suspicious content and prevent violations. With a registered brand, you will have increased authority over your brand’s product listings.

Our brand protection service includes registering the brand to Amazon Brand Registry. To enroll your brand in Brand Registry you will need an active registered trademark. Once you have enrolled, we ensure that you have an Amazon Brand Store link for your brand name (e.g. and guiding you through how to create appropriate brand content. We also assist in any reporting of misuse of your brand to Amazon.

We highly recommend that you never grant permission to any of your resellers or distributors to register your trademark to Amazon Brand Registry.

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