Amazon advertising (on and off)

Our advertising experts align advertisement goals to your sales strategy, create successful campaigns and optimise your Brand Store and A+ content. Our team allow you rest assured that your auction-based advertisements are running effectively and you get the best return on investments. With proven optimisation methods, we attract visitors, build brand awareness and generate sales.

ON-Amazon Advertising

Sponsored Products

When shoppers are searching for specific products on Amazon, Sponsored Products ads appear in search results and on product detail pages. These ads increase product visibility and help customers to discover and purchase them on Amazon.

Sponsored Products are pay-per-click ads based on auction pricing and keyword targeting.

Sponsored Products are essential for any seller’s marketing strategy and important for building brand awareness and driving conversions.

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Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands keyword-based ads usually appear in Amazon’s search results as a top banner which includes 3 products, brand logo and a short customized headline. These ads are an effective
way to build a seller’s brand awareness and present offerings by driving customers to specific
product categories, product listings and brand store pages.

Sponsored Brands are paid for on a pay-per-click basis and can be displayed in 4 different ad
placements above and below the fold.

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Sponsored display

Sponsored Display ads do not appear on Amazon’s Search Engine Results Pages. They are displayed in auto-generated placements on product detail pages and other pages across Amazon, as well as off Amazon websites (such as Primevideo). This advertisement type allows sellers to display ads to customers who have previously viewed a specific product or similar products in the last 30 days.

Sponsored Display are pay-per-click ads and can be targeted by selecting audiences that are automatically created by Amazon. 

Advertisers can retarget products and re-engage customers
with particular interests on and off Amazon. At the moment, Sponsored Display is available only in the USA and requires that your brand is registered with Amazon Brand Registry.

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Sponsored Brands Video

Amazon has introduced a new Sponsored Brands video ad format to sellers. 

The new ad format is in beta and only available for selected brands.

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OFF-Amazon Advertising

Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform)

Advertisers can programmatically reach exclusive audiences through DSP and buy video ads and display ad placements. Amazon DSP is available for all advertisers whether they are sellers on Amazon or not. The platform enables advertisers to increase brand awareness both on and off Amazon.

The ads created and managed through Amazon DSP can be set up to be shown across the leading publisher’s sites, mobile apps, video channels and social media sites. This advertising tool provides unique targeting capabilities due to always up-to-date Amazon’s exclusive 1st party shopper data.

Advertising options available on Amazon DSP are focusing on boosting brand visibility among relevant audiences and therefore are set up to use a cost-per-view model instead of cost-per-click.

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Brand Store

Sellers on Amazon can showcase their offerings on self-designed brand pages. The main benefit of the Brand Store is to provide richly customized brand content and an enhanced shopping experience. The store helps new and old customers discover your product portfolio and increase conversion rates. By adding videos, texts, and images sellers can create unique brand stories, effective new product launches and maintain brand identity.

Brand Store can be used as a landing page in external campaigns or internally for Sponsored Brand ads. 

Brand pages increase organic external traffic from search engines because of a customizable URL. Sellers can track the performance of external campaigns in Store’s own analytics tool by creating custom source tags for external use. The Brand Store can be linked to social media channels, campaigns, press releases, ads and so on.

Our experts will help you to build the best possible design for your brand.

A+ (Enhanced Brand Content)

Amazon enables sellers to provide enhanced content to users with Amazon A+ content that must be created in compliance with Amazon guidelines. Adding visual A+ content you can visually tell more about your product and boosts conversion rates. 

It is an effective way to build customer trust and stand out from the competition by providing deeper product understanding.
Our experts will help with A+ content creation, SEO friendly product descriptions, Metadata and keyword selection and all other information shoppers need to know when purchasing your products.

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