Setting up Amazon Seller Account

When you decide to enter Amazon either as a Seller or a Vendor, Retime will assist you in gathering all required documentation for the seller account opening. Opening a Seller account requires verifying a legitimate company with a registered VAT number, and verifying a main user for the account. Sometimes the registration might need additional information and documentation. Retime will assist you with all requirements until your seller account is open.

We support sellers from setting up a seller account to content creation and managing operations within account. By setting up a seller account in Europe, the seller will be able to start selling in several European marketplaces from the same account.

Whether you sell as FBA or FBM, you might need the local VAT number in the country where you hold stock. Retime will support in applying for the VAT registration by explaining the procedure and helping with required information. The VAT number is applied for either via Amazon or your chosen Tax Agent.

Amazon FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon
We help you to implement the features of FBA and eliminate logistical problems that are easy to find. Products sold by companies using the FBA service are also automatically Amazon Prime products. By using the FBA, Amazon will take care of all your orders, deliveries and returns so you can focus on building your business. When these are done, the products must be advertised in Amazon marketplaces so that buyers will find your products more easily.

Amazon FBM

Fulfilment by Merchant
By choosing FBM, a seller takes control of his entire shipping, storing and handling process. Selling products using the FBM method can be beneficial when the products are big and heavy or being sold in small volumes and have slow turnover.

Amazon Business


Amazon Business is a B2B membership-like account status, which grants you access to millions of business shoppers across all categories.

Amazon Business account offers exclusive features optimized for B2B transactions, including bulk volume discounts, easy ordering and business pricing. All registered businesses of any size and across industries can make purchases on Amazon Business.

There are a lot of price saving offers and shipping benefits for registered business members and advantages for small businesses. Also, it is possible to subscribe to an Amazon Business Prime program that includes more benefits. Retime will set up a professional seller account for you and create a high-quality profile.

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