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Amazon is the world’s renowned international online marketplace that has grown to one of the biggest brands in the world. Originally founded as an online store for books in 1994 by the CEO Jeff Bezos, Amazon has later expanded to the world’s largest marketplace with millions of subscribers worldwide. Every day more and more companies turn to Amazon for increased profits and business revenue. Today Amazon operates in 18 global market places. It has 150 million monthly users alone in the US and on top of that, Amazon has around 400 million active users worldwide.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how we work, travel and live our daily lives. It has also largely impacted  the consumer behaviour as people have been forced to stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus. The restrictions to go outside and the urge to avoid social contacts have driven people to shop online, safely at home. Since the outbreak, online shopping has already increased by 30% in Finland. The changing consumer culture forces many companies to reconsider their business strategies, and more and more have started to sell their products on online platforms. However, selling products online and changing the whole business plan can be scary and evoke a combination of feelings such as fear and excitement, all at the same time. Before setting up the company page on Amazon, it is worth taking the time to cover the basics of the online platform in order to gain the best possible sales results.

Before starting to sell on Amazon, companies might come across many different questions such as how the items will be handled or how to optimize your product listings. This can be overwhelming, but there is no need to worry. You don’t need to learn everything by yourself. Retime is a full-service agency that helps companies to build their Amazon strategies from the beginning to the end. Retime professionals are experts on Amazon and have played the game already for years. They know the rules and help the future sellers to optimize their strategies for the best possible results.

How does Amazon work?

Companies of all sizes have the opportunity to increase sales and revenue on Amazon. The marketplace is used worldwide, which gives a chance to expand audience reach when the products are advertised on Amazon global market places.  In order to reach the business goals in sales and revenue, Amazon offers companies different routes to choose from. 

The two main options for selling products online are Vendor (wholesale) and selling directly to consumers. Direct selling offers two different models for selling products: FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) and FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). By choosing the FBM, the seller takes control of the entire shipping, storing and handling process. This method can be beneficial when the products are big and heavy or being sold in small volumes. With FBA, Amazon takes care of all the logistics including orders, deliveries and returns. By using the FBA model, all the products automatically become Amazon Prime products.

Why you should sell on Amazon

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Amazon is easy to use and saves time

Creating an online shop for your company website requires a lot of time and effort. You need to figure out everything by yourself on the way, such as the design and structure, as well as marketing through email and social media. With Amazon, companies have a ready-to-use platform and can easily control the whole sales process, create product lists, add page content as well as advertise their products. The online platform is designed in a way that users of all nationalities and backgrounds are able to use it. This is why Amazon can sometimes feel a little bit tricky for many users. Nevertheless, compared to making everything from scratch, selling on Amazon still saves time and effort.

For many businesses new to Amazon, starting with the new online business model may be beyond what they can handle. Retime experts can help with all the additional paperwork, information and documents needed in the beginning. Therefore, companies are able to concentrate on managing their businesses rather than using the time to handle extra paperwork. 

Retime professionals are experts on Amazon and have played the game already for years. They know the rules and help the future sellers to optimize their strategies for the best possible results.

Amazon increases product visibility and sales

Amazon is the most visited online marketplace that offers an opportunity to sell worldwide. Businesses of all sizes can reach target audiences in new locations, that might not have been even considered before. As most of the Amazon users are buying something while visiting the sites, putting your products out there can really improve product visibility. Furthermore, Amazon users often search for a specific product, not a brand, and this can also increase the product visibility and the chance of attracting new unique buyers. 

Amazon has millions of visitors every day, that is a great way to boost product visibility. However, this does not mean that when you decide to sell on Amazon, there will automatically be a huge increase in sales. Thousands of companies sell similar products on Amazon and they all have the same goal: to reach the potential buying customers. After the company Amazon account is created and the products are listed, businesses should be ready to invest time and make an effort to keep up with product visibility.  

Amazon marketplace is used worldwide, where there are millions of users ready to spend money and buy products online. These users already trust Amazon.

People search the products on Amazon with specific search terms. Amazon strives to provide its customers the best possible experience and the best search results. The better the search terms match with the product page content, the better the products will be found. Adding new products to the online marketplace requires the right kind of text content, that should include engaging titles, keyword-rich bullet points and clear descriptions in order to appear on the top search results. It can be challenging to optimise your company Amazon page and it also takes time to add all the page content in the right way. Retime experts have a set of tools that help to search and filter the right phrases and words used for specific products. The service is used to optimize the product listing for SEO and is available in most Amazon marketplace languages.

Amazon generates instant trust

Even though online shopping is nothing new and has become a normal thing, consumers feel most comfortable with a platform that they already know and have used before. Amazon marketplace is used worldwide, where there are millions of users ready to spend money and buy products online. These users already trust Amazon. Therefore, by selling on Amazon, companies can take an advantage of the Amazon brand. In addition, Amazon gives shoppers a satisfaction guarantee. It assures the customers that if anything goes wrong, it will be solved immediately, replaced with a new product or a full refund. Because of the satisfaction guarantee, consumers rather buy products on Amazon than from the original seller, even if the price is a little bit higher. 

One step ahead with Amazon

The increasing trend of online shopping makes Amazon more and more attractive to businesses. The online marketplace is already operating in some of the Nordic countries and arrived in Sweden at the end of last year. Soon Amazon will be available in Finland. Then the companies that already know the rules of the game, will be one step ahead of the competition.

Retime is the leading Amazon-agency in the Nordics. Contact us and let’s plan together the right strategy for your Brand’s International reach.