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1. We help you overcome your fear of the unknown

Before you start selling on Amazon, you might experience many kinds of feelings and sometimes even feel afraid. The online environment can seem unfamiliar to many entrepreneurs and companies, and normally requires them to reconsider their business strategies on a whole new level.  

Hiring an Amazon Agency provides you all the help you need to build a fresh marketing strategy for the new digital environment. Our experts make sure that the goals of internationalization are defined and determined to maximize your online business results and reach buying customers around the globe.

2. We help you get started

Starting sales on Amazon is not a few clicks away. Opening a Seller account requires verifying a legitimate company with a registered VAT number and verifying a main user for the account. Sometimes the registration might need additional information and documentation.

“Time is money”, which many companies cannot waste.

Retime experts will assist you in gathering and preparing all required documentation for the account opening. This allows you to leave time-consuming paperwork in the hands of our Amazon professionals and instead focus your resources on growing your business.

3. We help you stay up to date on policies and regulations

Amazon online marketplace has millions of daily visitors and every day more and more companies turn to the platform for increased profits and business revenue. Consequently, the online platform also has a lot of rules and regulations. The purpose of the rules is to monitor and guide operations on the platform and ensure fairness to Amazon’s features, services, vendors and users. 

Suspension policies and regulations change all the time and can be very harmful to your business if you don’t fully comply. In the worst-case scenario, violating the rules can result in the suspension of your Seller account or the removal of your sales rights. Retime experts will help you to anticipate situations where violations could potentially occur. In addition, we will keep you updated on all policy changes on the platform. In case you have violated Amazon’s practices or regulations, you can be sure that you will not be left alone with the matter.

4. We help you succeed

Today digitalization and technological development are driving sales more and more online. In addition to the Amazon online marketplace, many companies are now taking advantage of other digital sales routes, such as different social media channels. When you include the traditional sales in the mix, managing all sales operations alone can seem overwhelming. This is when you should consider hiring professional help. 

Retime is a full-service agency that manages your Amazon strategy from beginning to the end. Our experts focus on increasing sales for you, so you have more time to concentrate on your business and maintain the sales through other channels as well.

5. We make your brand stand out from your competition

Often companies do not have the right tools or expertise to increase brand visibility or register a brand on Amazon. We help you register your trademark in the Amazon Brand Registry to protect your intellectual property.

When you register your brand to the Amazon Brand Registry, you increase trust and provide a more reliable shopping experience for the new and already existing customers.

Brand pages allow you to present your products more visually, for example with images and videos. The more visibility you get, the better the results are.

In addition, you have access to extensive content opportunities that are not available for unregistered brands. For example, you will have more space available in the product description, so you are able to answer frequently asked questions already before the customer even thinks of them.

6. We create successful Amazon Advertising Campaigns for your products

Today you can easily find information online about Amazon advertising. However, planning and implementing an advertising strategy, let alone a whole campaign, and learning everything from scratch takes time and effort. Amazon advertising requires planning and evaluation of business information, and there are also many ad types to choose from. Choosing the best ad option for your business can be tricky without the help of professionals.

Retime Agency designs and customizes advertising to your sales strategy, creating effective campaigns that guarantee the best return on your investment. As the Amazon advertising campaigns run, you save money, because in the ecommerce industry, time is money.

7. We optimize your product listing to Rank

When you sell on Amazon, you are automatically competing with thousands of companies who are all selling the exact same products as you. All the vendors also share the same goal that is to reach the potential buying customers. People search products on Amazon with specific search terms and Amazon strives to provide its customers the best possible experience and search results. So how can you make sure that these search terms correspond to the content of your product listings?

The right kind of text content should include engaging titles, keyword-rich bullet points and clear descriptions. It can be challenging and time-consuming to optimise your company Amazon page and to add all the page content in the right way. 

We help you optimize your products listings in a way that they appear on the top search results. Our experts have a set of tools that help to search and filter the right phrases and words used for specific products.

8. Our monthly service model is flexible

Optimizing your product listings can take months, as the Search Engine Optimization revolves primarily around your competitors’ makings. Thus, reaching the top of the search results can take time, but that does not mean you are committed to use our service any longer than you require. 

You are free to end the contract with one month’s notice and continue to manage your Amazon sales by yourself. Our service is planned to meet the needs of each and every customer from market research to selling strategy and brand registration, but we can also maintain the whole marketplace and sales as a continuous monthly service. We are here for our customers.

9. We target your sales resources where they generate most profit

When you become a vendor in Amazon, you need to consider which products potentially sell and which are generating less profit. In addition, you need to build a sales strategy and find a suitable model to support your sales and business goals. It can be complicated to make the right business decisions if you are not fully aware of Amazon and the money leaks the platform comes with.

Many companies may face difficulties with Amazon advertising and spend money incorrectly, if they fail to understand how the platform’s fee structure works. Another problem might appear, if the seller does not fully understand how Fulfillment by Amazon works. Companies might think they can manage the costs of SKU (stock keeping unit), only to find out later that the costs are higher than expected and eat away all their margin.

All these problems are avoidable but require in-depth expertise in Amazon marketing. Retime professionals help you to build your Amazon sales strategy and reveal hidden costs in advance.

10. We keep you posted on the market changes

When you hire an Amazon Agency, you stay constantly updated on what is worthwhile for your business and what is not. You are able to plan, budget and forecast your sales strategy further, when all your business data is stored in one place and can be viewed in Amazon sales reports. 

With the help of Amazon experts, you interpret reports correctly and make the right and profitable decisions to grow your business in the international marketplace.

When you trust our experts, you have more time to focus your resources on planning and growing your business. Instead of searching for information, you can focus on analysing and leveraging sales data to get the best results.