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Back problems are the most common cause of sick leaves in the world today, causing much suffering. The causes are many and varied, but our increasingly sedentary lifestyle is a major contributing factor. We interviewed Antti Ritvonen, CEO of Salli Systems, about their starting steps of the Amazon growth plan.

In which industries is Salli Saddle Chair commonly most used?
Antti: Our largest user groups are in health care, especially dentists, dental assistants and hygienists, and in the office environments. Further on, I could mention physiotherapists, hairdressers, teachers and different positions in the industry sector. Salli is well suited for most work assignments done while sitting but they are also great for work traditionally done standing.

Salli Saddle Chairs are sold all the way in Australia. In how many countries are the chairs sold and how significant is internationalisation for the company?
Antti: Salli operates globally and we have retailers almost in 80 countries. In the future, we are focusing on growing abroad. Operating within the international market is extremely crucial for us.

Retime launched the Amazon project with Salli in 2019 by analysing which market would be the best option to get started. What kind of expectations do you have of Amazon as a sales channel at the moment?
Antti: We have big expectations since Amazon is a modern operator always responding to customer’s needs. Our co-operation with Retime has had a promising start and we are expecting a lot from the future.

Buyers in Amazon are not able to research the quality of the product but instead have to rely on the seller’s content, images and instructions. Does Amazon provide enough options for content creation in your opinion?
Antti: Yes. We are able to showcase product information and images as well as videos that are highly important for selling our saddle chairs. Abroad the concept of our chairs is not as familiar as here in Finland, so it is important for us to be able to make the product and it’s features familiar also with video content.

salli swingfit saddle chair in amazon
SALLI SwingFit Saddle chair at

At Amazon, businesses are able to use Amazon’s Fulfillment service. However, Salli has chosen to send the products by itself from Finland straight to the customers. How have customers reacted to this approach as Amazon is known for its fast deliveries?
Antti: Our own logistics service handles orders and shipments fast and thus we believe customers have been satisfied with shipments coming from Finland.

At the moment you have products listed on Is it in your interest to expand sales also to other European marketplaces?
Antti: Absolutely. Next up are Sweden, France and the Netherlands. Our goal is to utilise Amazon as widely as possible.

How do you believe Amazon coming to Sweden and other Nordic countries will affect Finnish businesses?
Antti: I see this as an excellent opportunity for Finnish businesses. Co-operation with such an established and recognised operator will definitely open possibilities for new markets and increased sales.

To succeed on Amazon, in your opinion, what is required from a business?
Antti: A good product that is globally competitive in its own category.

Previously we have asked our interviewees also about advertising on Amazon. From your experience, do you believe that by investing in Amazon advertising it is possible to increase sales profitably?
Antti: Yes, I do believe so. We have embarked on this with high expectations and I’m assured that with advertising we can quickly reach growth in our sales.

salli sit happy description
Salli utilises Amazon’s content creation options widely. A+ content gives larger possibilities for businesses to tell about their products, promotions and various ways of usage.

The Finnish company Salli Systems is developing a sitting health concept that is currently the healthiest in the world, and it produces related furniture. The saddle chairs are manufactured at the production plant in Rautalampi in Central Finland. The top quality seats are handmade with high-class finishing. The company has a strict quality control system and the products have a long warranty.