Amazon advertising
Amazon – No Advertising? No Sales!

Advertising on Amazon is a must, if you want to succeed on the platform. With advertising you make sure that your products stand out from millions of others.

A group of friends shopping online
TOP 10 Reasons to Hire an Amazon Agency

Hiring an Amazon Agency provides you all the help you need to maximize your online business results and reach buying customers around the globe.

Dimex wokwear
Amazon FBA enables Dimex to expand internationally

Dimex Oy, a workwear manufacturer from Leppävirta, has started sale operations via Amazon FBA services, and is now offering their workwear for construction, civil engineering, industry, property maintenance, logistics, landscaping and HVAC workers’ needs.

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Why to sell on Amazon?

The increasing trend of online shopping makes Amazon online market place more and more attractive to businesses to increase sales and revenue.

CEO Matti Väänänen
Bonne Juomat is leading the way in exporting Finnish juices to Europe

Bonne products are produced in Finland. Natural berries and fruits are of course behind the fresh taste of the juices, but one must not forget to mention the main ingredient –natural Finnish spring water.