CEO Matti Väänänen

CEO Matti Väänänen, Bonne Juomat Oy.

Bonne products are produced in Finland. Natural berries and fruits are of course behind the fresh taste of the juices, but one must not forget to mention the main ingredient –natural Finnish spring water. Bonne uses spring water from its own Lähteenlohko spring, which is located in the beautiful surroundings in Lohjanharju near Bonne factory. Customers in Amazon have noticed the great taste of Bonne juices, and have rated with 4-5 stars, respectively.

Bonne products have been liked by customers in Amazon. What makes the juice so popular?
– It’s definitely the fresh spring water from our local spring, in addition to Finnish forest berries and other natural ingredients. Authenticity and real taste are behind the success of the juices – hopefully being Finnish as well. We are rebranding ourselves as “Arctic Happy Juicery”.

I remember when the project was started and opening the account in the UK almost fell behind due to UK VAT number being delayed. Amazon is also causing their own delays and hinderances. What would you tell the companies who are thinking about beginning sales in Amazon? How should they prepare?
  One should prepare very well, and for that. Retime has helped us tremendously. It’s also important to have the right mindset and not to give up after a few problems, should they occur.

Amazon is opening in the Nordics, grocery not being the among the first categories to be launched, but it will certainly be launched later. How do you think Amazon will affect the brick-and-mortar stores in the upcoming years.
  Amazon is certainly welcome to the Nordics as a big player and a choice for consumers. The future of Brick-and-mortar stores have been discussed several times and in several aspects, and I hope the two will exist despite the other; we need both e-com and physical stores.

Bonne blueberry juice in amazon
Bonne blueberry juice on the Amazon UK marketplace

Bonne is using Amazon’s FBA services. Has it worked well for you?
We are still learning to work with and within Amazon. FBA service is absolutely a necessity when selling on Amazon. Speed, ease, logistics, returns – Amazon manages it all.

Our common goal is to grow Bonne’s sales in Amazon and are about to open up new markets, Germany being the next one. How many marketplaces are you planning on opening?
  As a medium sized company this business model serves us well. We can expand to countries where we have not been focusing on with our export or marketing teams, but Amazon enables it all. We are now selling in the UK, after which we will go to Germany and Netherlands. Eventually, also in the Nordics.

Next we will go to Germany and Netherlands. Eventually, also in the Nordics.

This has been a difficult year for everyone. Online sales in the food and grocery category have grown impressively. Do you think the trend will continue to grow?
Yes absolutely, there is still room to grow.

What are your advices for a company who is starting with sales in Amazon?
Be prepared, make thorough research and consider your options. If you decide to go forward then find a reliable partner for assistance. We have been very content with Retime and can honestly recommend them.

Moonin oat drink and berries
Bonne Moomin’s Premium Oat Drink can also be found on Amazon in the UK

Bonne Juomat Oy has a factory in Lohja where they produce authentic, tasteful and healthy fruit and berry drinks. The company was established in 1998 and the products were manufactured for institutional kitchens, only later starting to produce products for end-consumers. Current product catalogue includes purees, juices, nectars, both unsweetened and sweetened juice concentrates. Products are sold and marketed under the Bonne brand in Finland and abroad.