amazon pickup & returns building wall

The future of commerce is increasingly online, and this is driven by the ongoing corona and social distancing. Consumers who have resisted e-commerce are now many times forced to do so. For many, online shopping will also become a comfort factor. 

Amazon is growing fast
Let’s take as an example: in England, the share of e-commerce was 32% of retail sales in June, compared to the beginning of the year when it was only 20%. More money is also spent online, in June 60% more than in the beginning of the year.  (Source: Edge By Essential)

Amazon has enabled a big part of this growth. In England, it is predicted that 72% of the companies will join Amazon over the next five years. Worldwide, almost 2500 – 3000 new sellers start selling on Amazon every day. (Source: FeedbackExpress)

Amazon is a springboard outside Finland
In the German marketplace, Amazon reaches 65% of consumers and a similar trend is in other parts of Europe. In England, nearly 20 million people have already acquired Prime membership. According to the survey, more than 54% of all product searches are now taking place on Amazon. Mirroring these figures, starting sales on Amazon is an obvious solution.

Amazon is also suitable for smaller businesses 
Online sales are essential. For many small and medium-sized enterprises, creating their own international e-commerce takes a large amount of money and resources. There is a much faster and more cost-effective way to reach a larger customer base through Amazon.

Amazon is the ideal solution for internationalizing products. You can effectively use the Amazon ecosystem to operate across multiple markets. To succeed among a large variety of goods and competitors, it is important to keep the basics in good order which helps business on Amazon marketplace. Hard work and expertise are required, but it is the right way to build your business.

For a good shopping experience, it is important to start your own Amazon path by creating a strategy, producing content and investing in products’ image quality – all controlled by advertising. With the right strategy, Amazon offers an opportunity to increase sales in both the short and long term.